Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Latest craft obsession: Turning toys/novelty tea sets into plant holders.

I saw someone else on tumblr doing this and painting the dinosaurs they used with neon or gold paint. I was suitably impressed but liked the idea of using a range of toys and items and keeping their colours as they were so I decided to do it myself.

So far I have pirate heads, skulls, dinosaurs, coffee cups, little glass bottles that are meant to hold dried herbs, several regular pot plants and an elephant I accidentally “Decapitated plus a little bit more” as Ben so eloquently put it when I told him I had cut my poor elephant in half (pictured above lying on the floor looking sad after being patched up with my newly found hot glue gun). Good news is my elephant made a full recovery and now has an awesomely named plant called a Jelly Bean plant (hopefully) growing in it. I’m pretty excited about this.

My kitchen windowsill garden is growing, looks lovely and I have a sense of pride and accomplishment that I have only nearly killed one plant since I started it.

PS I also recently repotted my original jelly bean plant this evening. It looks much happier now in its bigger pot behind the brontosaurus (?)  in one of the unrotated pictures above.


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    this is cute, i love the dinosaur planters this would be great for preschools
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